James P. Tenney

James P. Tenney draws on an extensive background in tort law and insurance and reinsurance litigation to provide his clients with smart, thorough, and tenacious representation. Mr. Tenney has focused his practice at Leahey & Johnson on complex litigation and appeals in state and federal courts. He has published many articles (several coauthored with firm President Peter James Johnson, Jr.) on such topics as tort and insurance law, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Internet as a discovery tool. These articles have appeared in such publications as the National Law Journal, New York State Bar Association Journal, and Commercial Damages Reporter (see below).

Before attending law school, Mr. Tenney was a distinguished teacher and assistant principal for the New York City Board of Education, earning two master’s degrees along the way from Baruch College, City University of New York.

A native of Brooklyn, he also served as President of the Midwood Development Corporation. In 1985, at the urging of firm Chairman Peter James Johnson—who recognized Jim’s potential as a lawyer—Jim applied to Brooklyn Law School.

Legal Publications/Authored or Co-Authored (Selected)
“Plaintiffs’ Newest Tort Target: The Handgun Industry,” Commercial Damages Reporter,
Vol. 12 Issue 5 (with Peter James Johnson, Jr.)

“Neither Punitive Damages Nor Attorneys’ Fees Against Insurers – New York Restricts
First Party Insurance Bad Faith,” N.Y. St. B.J., Vol. 68, No. 8 (with Peter James Johnson, Jr.)

“Excess Insurers’ `No Prejudice’ Defense to Late Notice Under Attack in New York,” 
Commercial Damages Reporte
r, Vol. 12, Issue 1 (with Peter James Johnson, Jr.)

“Discovery Through the Internet: Navigating a Tangled Web,” Commercial Damages
, Vol. 14, Issue 5 (with Peter James Johnson, Jr.)

“Discovery Through the Internet: Navigating a Tangled Web – Part II,” 
Commercial Damages Reporter
, Vol. 14, Issue 6 (with Peter James Johnson, Jr.)

“AIDS-Related Benefits Equation: Soaring Costs Times Soaring Needs Divided by
Federal Law,” AIDS Policy and Law Supplement, Vol. 9, No. 4

“Using ADR to Resolve ADA Disputes: A White Collar Case Study, “Best of ABA Sections,
Vol. 2, No. 1

“The Changing Face of Insurance Bad Faith in New York,” N.Y. St. B. J., Vol. 65, No. 2

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